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suspination insole 200
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We present you below the scheme how to make an order in our shop (we are convinced that information placed here will help you to move through our shop).

Step 1:
Measure the child’s foot, and compare the result with the table, which is located in the how to measure 

Step 2: 
Choose a category and select the model of shoes that you want to buy.

Choose a color(click on shoe picture to see available colors). Choose the size, skin type and the type of soles

 Step 3:
Press the “add to cart”  

Step 4: 
You will see your shopping cart. 
If you want to add another product - click  

If you want to complete the transaction - click on

Step 5:

You clicked - you are now in a panel of registration  
(if you are a new customer click continue; If you did have in our shop, click on  

Step 6:
Enter all your data. You return to your shopping cart. If you want to complete the transaction - click on 

Step 7:
 Now you are in the delivery panel  

and you can add your comment to the transaction. 

Click  continue.

Step 8: 
Now you are in the panel where you select a payment method 
- BANK or Credit Card. 


Step 9 :
Now you can see all their order and place of delivery.

Make sure everything is correct. 




 Step 10:

You are transferred to the panel card payment. 




Click on  

Step 11:
Select the type of card. Enter the card number and expiration date and CVV. 

Click on 


Step 12:
You will see a screen confirming your data. 


Step 13:

You are returning to the screen you see www.eorthoshoes.com
and notifying the completion of the fact that the ordering process.

Click  continue.



After paying in You may relax and wait for a package for your child.

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