orthopedic shoes for kids
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Orthopedic shoes for kids model 1022
Orthopedic shoes for kids model 1022

What kind of shoes is proper for a childhood?  

Comfortable, airy, not pinching and not deforming child's foot. Such shoes should provide independence (e.g. Velcro. clasp). A child should not be ashamed of his shoes. Little arching in the middle part of sole improve walk comfort.

    This character is a guarantee that the shoes marked him secure the proper development of your child's feet!


Did you know that: The vast majority of children are born with healthy feet, but only 30% of older people do not feel discomfort feet.

The reason for this is often inappropriate footwear worn in childhood.

If you want your child when he grows up, had a healthy rate, you do not care about from the first moment of his life!

Remember: As long as the child spends most of his time lying down, it does not assume any shoes and feet protect against marzni?ciem putting loose socks that will not squeeze his fingers and impair the free flow of blood.

Your child starts to become longer and is prepared to walk. The first shoes that he could decide to create an proper foot development. Buying first shoes shoe search:

with uppers reaching just over the ankle but not too high, with padded heel, which will help correct setting foot in relation to the axis of leg.

with a wide and high the tip, which will place the proper arrangement of the fingers and move them freely; 

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